Things and stuff

So here I am, trying to get this blog thing going again. Life has calmed down and I’m really excited to get lots more crafting done! The first post is a long overdue pattern I promised I’d make maybe 5 months ago… And I have a few more in a similar vein coming up. Here’s my forecast for what I hope will turn into a regular posting schedule! While I am going to be posting about my own work, I also want to do some tutorials, and basically just fill in the blanks of what’s not already out there.

  • A post about my Madokami cosplay; how I made the dress (not really a pattern, but a how-to).
  • A quick how-to for the fur shrug from my Arcade Fauna costume
  • A post about the TV stand I’m building with my dad :D (it’s almost done I’m so excited)
  • Probably lots of stuff coming up about my High Inquisitor Darklaw cosplay
  • Every 2 weeks I will do a cosplay/pattern match, where I try to find the best pattern to match a specific cosplay. If you have one you want some help or advice with, let me know! You can leave a comment here, tweet me, or ask me on tumblr :)
  • I’d like to try a new craft at least once a month, so you’ll hear about that and how much I potentially fail at it :P
  • I might try to recover some old posts I lost from my old blog (my own stupidity is to blame for that one…)

Most of my cosplay progress will be posted to tumblr, but I’ll be posting some longer posts about it here. Or at least, thats the plan! Also I will probably be changing my icon, since I don’t have a singer anymore :P That will apply here as well as all my other social media.

Anyway, that’s the action plan, I hope we can all have a good time with it! <3